Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did you know WD-40 was developed for missile parts? (random sorry)

Summer has come and gone...again. I spent 2 months of my summer working with the FEH (First Year Engineering) Program here at OSU moving offices around for them and doing a little paper work (yuuck) as well. On top of that I kept working my normal job at UPS so I was working 9-9 day in and day out with little downtime. But I can't complain I got paid well for all of it and I have lots of money saved up. I just gotta remember where all I put it ( most of it I think is wrapped up in new toys in the safe...opps)! Also this summer I moved closer to the OSU campus which will benefit me in many ways...However the space I moved into is rather small compared to where I moved out of (pics to follow later). The reloading set up is still the same though I will have to revise a few things to get the best use out of the space. I was lucky enough to get out and do some shooting and testing this summer esp with Brittany who is really picking up on this whole gun culture thing. It's actually really fun to watch her develop her skills. Here is a peak at some articles I have planned and hope to publish on a more regular basis. Bullet swaging for the 41 magnum, more case conversions (woot), Building a combat shotgun out of a field gun, building a varmint rifle in the workshop and much much more.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to comment on articles or ask me to clarify things I've written about. This whole blog is here to help you and the comments you leave help me to become better at writing these sorts of things.