Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I dislike Allen head screws

Allen head or hex head screws and I don't seem to get along very well. If the screw is run in and out several times/ torqued down very hard or "stuck" slipping just once with a Allen wrench can strip it right out. You may get lucky going to the next size up in metric or standard if its a size that is close. If you tig weld you can even tig a cut off piece of allen wrench or a nut on top of said screw (anything to grab onto really) and get it out that way.  Here I've created a stripped out screw (not on purpose mind you)  and show a classic way to get the bugger out. HACKSAW! really...a hacksaw. I am replacing the two piece scope mounts on a Savage axis with a Weaver 48347 one piece multi slot mount. I wish to put a scope on this 30/06 that has a much shorter foot print than the factory stock scope. Anyways the mount is mostly sacrificial as I don't plan on using it after this is done, but it could still be used if push came to shove. Luckily the new Weaver one piece mount came with slotted (or flat head) screws which is the only thing that should be used for sight or scope mounts/rings and other gun parts I feel. Just from a standpoint of taking things apart a lot, the flat head when used with a proper hollow ground screwdriver will last for a very long time.
Stripped out allen head screw :(

One destructive way to get screw out :)

Old two piece bases off and new one piece mount and scope installed