Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Champion shooting gear 10/22 Magazine loader

I usually don't like mechanical gadgets for loading magazines esp .22 magazines but after I got the 30 round 10/22 mags and loading them became somewhat of a chore I looked around and found that Champion shooting gear brand makes a magazine loader that is fairly easy to use and costs around $32 ( I got mine at Cabelas and did pay full retail) I purchased it with a Christmas gift card...about the only reason I got it really, would not have gotten it otherwise but I really was intrigued by the design.

The hopper holds up to 75 rounds or so max. Good if you want to watch your ammo consumption....keep from going through a brick of ammo in a half day. The winder is like that of a wind up alarm clock. I'll post pics later. You pop the magazine to be loaded in and with each full rotation of the winder you load 1 round. It has worked on the factory and after market mags I have. Have not taken it to the range yet so we'll see how it holds up to a full day of use and semi abuse. Product number #40430