Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

This blog is not here for politics but things are happening already this year that can have a far reaching effect on citizens of these United States far into the future. First of all if you are a first time gun owner and you ran out and purchased a AR-15 or AK-47 and you're not sure what to do next, GO READ SAFETY INFORMATION! we don't need any more accidents with that class of firearms right now so I beg you be smart go review range safety and firearm safety prior to un-boxing your new toy or taking it to the range for the first time. Don't bother buying mags if you aren't going to buy the ammo to fill them NOW. Mags are consumable, good luck finding any right now if you purchased a AK or AR. I find it increasingly disturbing people are buying a AR-15/Ak-47 or like firearm then buy 3 x 20 round boxes of ammo and say they are set.......if that is your line of thinking you could have saved yourself a TON of hassle and purchased a Mosin Nagant and over 2000+ rounds of ammo for the same money and you would have a more robust firearm that is more reliable and enough ammo to practice for a good long while, DON'T FORGET THE STRIPPER CLIPS!

That was for the beginners, now for the rest of us who have been in this game for awhile, listen closely buy spare parts if you haven't already, review my post on spare parts and ask questions about your particular firearm and what parts/ tools you may need to keep it running. If the Gov't drives the manufacturers out of business or bans import of say AK kits, parts will start to evaporate. 

My advice if you are panicking right now and have never purchased a firearm before in your life. #1 STOP panicking, there is nothing to fear as of right now, there is no danger of anything being stripped from your hands when you don't have it. #2 access your NEEDS, don't spend $2000 on a rifle alone if you've never owned one before, what are you purchasing it for? security? investment? maybe a little of both? God put a good head on your shoulders now use it, do you need a super tactical rifle to defend your apartment or would a Side by side coach gun work better? what versatility do you perceive in your needs? Think this out, firearms are tools, if you do not understand how to use the tools then don't bother having them. Please I beg of you learn safety, and use it always!