Sunday, October 26, 2014

A bit of a paradigm shift for my writings and updates

This past summer has been exceedingly busy for me and as a result I have really dropped the ball on the projects/updating them here and actually getting out to the range myself to do my own work. I have had a lot of events this summer including finally graduating from college (debt free!), moving out of the city and in with my high school sweetheart (still working out of my parents garage as my shop when the opportunity presents itself) several weddings and road trips, changing jobs and taking welding classes. A house with a proper shop is hopefully within reach in the next few years and then this blog could really be something more than a occasional thing. Anyways this blog is going to revert back to more reloading bench type projects (since I live back in a place where I can have a bench) and less shop stuff as it was kind of intended. I will have the final results of the Poly choke barrel posted once I get a clear day at the range with a patterning board. The Contender grip project will be slow going still but I hope to complete it before the end of the year. I did not think the grip through as much as I should have and hopefully I can salvage the first block I started on....if nothing else I'll make a aluminum pillar and bed that in.

If you are a practical gun guy that likes to read I have something special in store. I will be doing book reviews on a TON of classics & series books this winter. I have a large library myself but also have recently rediscovered something often forgot in today's culture, the local library...which has a lot of rare titles much to my surprise. If you have any titles you are curious about please let me know. I may have them on my shelves and can give you a unbiased opinion on them. My focus will be on reference works and collector type books not novels. But please if you have ideas let me know them! a teaser here is something showing several possible topics which I plan to some of you who read the first posts I had up when I started this blog know I like big bore handguns more to come later.