Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shooters ridge #40629 10/22 30 round magazine review

I purchased two Shooters ridge #40629 30 round 10/22 metal header magazine from a local gunshop that was having a pretty good sale on them. They usually list for $20+ each but the shop has them for $13 this month and I was still using 10 round factory mags. First thing I noticed was its packaged and marketed by Champion targets, but the product is a shooters ridge product. Not sure how that all works but its a moot point. The magazines are a double stack design and clear body with a full metal head, the follower is plastic.

Decided to give them a good workout last night while I was teaching new shooters at the range, My 10/22 is set up as a Appleseed type trainer with irons. We ran about 400 rounds through both mags with a few hiccups. The one big flaw I saw was with 7 or 8 rounds to go the mag would fail to feed, Not sure if it was just transitioning from the double stack to the single that was causing a bind or if the spring was binding. All that was required was a manual cycle of the bolt and that was enough to bump up the next round. I had not numbered these mags yet but I do think it was just one of them that this was happening on. Other than that hiccup happening 3 times or so they ran really good, the mags were easy to pop in and pop out, I liked having an extension to grab onto coming from only using the 10 round factory blocks. I probably wouldn't spend $20+ on these unless it was something like a little teflon spray in the body to help keep things moving would fix the occasional FTF. I would give these 3 stars out of 5

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