Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Improving the simple single shot

Just a quick post on a easy upgrade for Shotguns of limited capacity. My focus on this is single shot shotguns and being able to carry some spare ammunition on the gun instead of in your pockets. First off I'll just say that you should avoid the cheap Wal Mart all black elastic butt cuff loops altogether, they may work for awhile but after some time you will start to see the elastic wear out and you'll be fighting it all the time. If you have any experiance with leather work this is a simple project. I had a custom holster maker friend of mine give me the parts to assemble my first few butt cuffs for 12ga. They do take time and effort but at the end you can be proud of what you've created. And you can carry 5 or more rounds on the gun.

Top and bottom are the two 12ga leather butt cuffs I made 
from previously cut patterns
The middle 2 are 20ga and were purchased at a show for $5 each!

The bottom "green" shotgun is a project gun that is under repair, Picked it up for $40 only needed to replace the forearm and find a buttplate for it, may make one out of stippled steel

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