Sunday, May 27, 2012

.375 H&H Swage die update

Core uniform swage die is finished, I choose to have it make .312" cores so I could use it for other calibers like 35 and such. The cores actually come out .314" however but they will work either way....I'm not actually sure why they come out slightly over sized from what I reamed the die body to but it wont hurt anything since these will be seated into the jackets then squished again.

Once I get going I don't wanna mess with pictures, Here is the finished product with a sample swagged core. Note excess being squished from the side of the die. Also got 2 of the 3 pieces done for the core seat die done today....Should have a finished die set in the next week or so. The reamer for the point form die must be heat treated and ground so that will take some time.

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