Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The surplus of the parts you have the guns to: or : My experience playing estate liquidator

Surplus parts, you hear about surplus guns...but not so much about their parts..parts are surplused just like the guns! Recently I liquidated the inventory of a parts dealers estate.  The task involved several weeks it seemed of cleaning, inventory and identifying parts but proved VERY educational. None of the parts shown here are for sale any longer but are examples of what I got to sort through.

Note I dealt with parts in this case, firearms are a whole other creature in legalities, Deal in those as you see fit.

My tips-
Take your time in sorting, be thorough
Take good pictures (if selling online)
Write good descriptions (if selling online)

This is the 3rd such estate I've dealt with, and every time I learn more and more about items and their value. I hope in the future to be able to build something perhaps with the knowledge I've gained through selling these estates. A online parts store or perhaps something else.

I had to improve my photography skills a lot in order to get the quality of picture I wanted to be able to show in my listings. Pictures truly WORTH 1,000 words. Though that did not stop some from asking stupid questions.

Odd ball parts like this barrel straightness gauge surprised me a little as it was little more than a pipe it seemed but it was worth $30 to somebody as they pounced on it quickly when I listed it.

Having never dealt in grease gun parts before this was more of an education than I thought it would be!

This ultrasonic cleaner took some of the elbow grease out of the cleaning process, here a small lot of 1911 barrels are being cleaned.

Same with 1911 plastic grips

They looked clean before but the dark water I poured out of the cleaner after running 2 batches through said otherwise. Now they are ready for "market".

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