Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lyman 4500 heated lubersizer, Carnuba Red and Lee molds : or : Some must have items for my casting pleasure

A bullet caster has a whole other set of tools he begins to accumulate besides that of just a casual hand-loader. One of the tools a bullet caster requires if he uses traditional type molds and not the tumble lube molds now produced by lee and some other companies is a Lubersizer. That is a tool that injects lube into the lube grove and sizes the bullet down to the size you have determined best for your particular needs. The lubersizer I utilize is a Lyman 4500 and its probably going to be the only one I'll need for the rest of my days.  The big thing about the 4500 that makes it work so well for me is that it uses a little heating plug in the back. NOT all lubes require a heater but I exclusively use Carnuba Red from for all my cast bullets that are not tumble lube, it is a harder lube and the heater in the 4500 helps it flow. Carnuba red is not only the best all around lube that I've found for my shooting but its also AFFORDABLE!   $1.80 a stick (bagged) or  $2.05  (rigid tube) is FAR cheaper than any of the stick lube that I've found on midway .  I've shot the lube on cast  bullets ranging  from 75gr to 535gr and going at speeds from 500FPS to 3000FPS and if sized correctly to the bore have had little to no leading in most of the pistols and one 300 Win mag I've tried the lube out of. My 1911 especially loves bullets lubed with Carnuba red and after several hundred rounds and not being cleaned between some matches the bore has only a slight hint of leading starting to build up around the throat area. 

The lee bullets are something that will be touched on in another post but just to cover them here really quick I would like to throw my opinion out on their line of molds. I know some people really hate on lee and I'm not exactly sure why. I have had just as many issues with LEE products as I have with the higher end dies and molds like RCBS and Redding make. Lee makes an affordable product and they are well thought out most of the time. I think if you are looking to get into casting lee molds is something to consider. I like their 358-158-RF mold (produces a SWC type bullet)  6 cavity mold so much I purchased another one so I can cast with two molds at once and not risk overheating the one mold. I learned awhile ago casting with two molds of different calibers and designs gets to be frustrating when it comes time to sort the bullets out especially if you dump the castings in a water bucket like I do. So now I just cast one caliber at a time. 

Thats pretty much all I wanted to share right now, The lyman 4500 is a great press and lee molds are a lotta bang for the buck. If you're a bullet caster or are thinking about getting into casting you might want to check out the Lyman 4500 and lee molds...also check out the lars lube site for stick lubes as well as liquid alox type lubes that are used for LEE tumble lube bullets.....Carnuba red might not be the lube you need so  I urge you to research his other lubes and see what you think might work out for you. I have done business with him several times getting over 100 sticks of lube (mostly Carnuba red) from him. Great small business to do business with.

Lyman 4500 with ram down, bullet would be pressed into the die and come out sized and lubed.

The Lyman 4500 uses changeable dies (not included) to produce sized and lubed bullets appropriate for your needs....So long as you've predicted your needs well enough.  

A batch of LEE 158gr LSWC were lubed in about 45 minutes with the Lyman 4500

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