Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Things come in 3's no wait, 4....um 5...do I hear 6?

For some time my 629-1 has been in need of a trip to the factory to be repaired for a broken hammer stud and a very worn trigger stud. I shot the snot out of this gun ever since I got it. Until last week I thought it would cost me a fortune to have it fixed (somewhere around $150-$200). Even though I was very upset that the gun was MIA and thought S&W should repair it I couldn't send it in until I had the money for the repairs. While on a chat room it was brought to my attention by another member that S&W had a recall on a number of 629-1 models because of bad metal. A interesting side note...It was found out that the member who helped me had a 629-1 that was a mere 300 #'s off of mine kinda cool huh. I was given the series and serial #'s that the recall dealt with and low and behold mine was in it. A quick email and phone call to them and they said they would honor the recall even though it is over 20 years old. Looks like my beloved 629 will be fixed and in shooting condition in short order. The 6" barreled smith is my favorite in my collection and I would only take a 5" classic barrel over it. Also with all this time to NOT shoot and with some of this reloading stuff I brought with me to my apartment I thought I should get cracking on reloading my staples. That is .45 ACP and .44 Mag And a few Paper patched 45-70 bullets to try when I go home for Thanksgiving break. My fav load for .45 ACP for both revolver and Auto (1911) is 5.5Gr of Unique under a 230gr RN cast. My favorite load for .44 Magnum is of course the 250gr Keith and 10.0Gr unique these clock at about 1000FPS. So now I have all the components I brought with me loaded up. Also I should have my custom reloading bench here in less than a week, My Genius welder friend told me it was done for the most part except for detailing I won't have to use my computer desk as my reloading bench anymore. short school week because of Thanksgiving I'll try to get at least a day out at the range and test these 45-70 loads out. I'll get my 629-1 shipped out and some more bullets cast up. I have 2 new molds to try when I get back. One is a very odd looking 45 mold and the other is a 200gr double wad cutter for .44

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