Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm a 21 year old college student with a passion for the gun culture. I enjoy all aspects of shooting and firearms. Reloading, Casting my own bullets (boolits), Building firearms, altering them, novice design, competitive shooting, plinking, experimenting and all sorts of other things.

I don't collect and shoot firearms like most people do. The majority of the firearm owning population collects perhaps one specific type of a firearm and the variations of it. For example the Mauser bolt action rifle, they might try and collect every variation from all the producing nations. Or perhaps a S&W collector who tries to get the rare pre-dash models. I "collect" in very loose terms various actions and mechanisms of which have been employed to propel projectiles. Bolt actions, Retarted blow back, Rolling block, Roller delayed blowback, straight pull bolt actions, gas operated, Short recoil, Long recoil, straight blowback, recoil operated, Reciprocating blowback the list is truely endless. However one man's designs stand out above the rest. John M. Browning. If it is one designer I am a fan of it is him. But I will just as soon take my AK to the range as my 1919a4/a6 or my single shot 45-70 or any of my match rifles. As far as me shooting a bit differently than the average shooter I do some rather odd things with rifles and pistols. Revolvers at 200yards on a regular basis? .22 rimfire at 200 yards? Elephant rifles shot at rail road ties? WTF? Kevlar vest testing with pure lathe turned Teflon bullets?

I enjoy building firearms as well (yes its legal). I am a novice machinist and have some experience on a mill and lathe and have my own lathe at home. I enjoy designing and making custom projectiles from varying materials and testing them on various materials.

I hope to log my varying projects, advancements and fall backs, I would also like to point out that these projects are my ideas but can not always be carried out in full by me. Some projects require welding and for that I turn to my good friend who is a genius welder. Also I wanna thank my dad for his support and guiding hand in my youth and even today, as well as his friends who provided me with ideas and lessons on what to and what not to do in life. My dad has been a big part of what I am today...If it was not for him and his funding I would not have done 1/8 of what I have done thus far in my shooting career. Thanks Dad and Mom( for putting up with all my projects always laying around the house...even when I'm away at school)

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