Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finnish M39 Acraglas stock repair

This method of repairing a stock could be used on any given rifle or shotgun mind you. Actual repair shown in previous post. I  have some more finish work to do on this one but I'll take it to the range and make sure the repair will hold up first. Finishing touches include counter sinking the brass rods just below the surface and put some wood filler over the holes to do my best to blend the repair in. The brass does not offend when its exposed however it looks unfinished to me to the point I'm willing to work on it with a tiny diamond ball tip for the dremel to get it down below the wood surface. The rest of the stock looks great, the wrist area is flush back with its other half thanks to the surgical tubing, the pins didn't pull as tight as I was hoping but they will still offer support. Between the surgical tubing and a hand clamp the stock was pulled together quite well. The crack line can still be seen, I'm guessing caused by accumulated dirt that did not get cleaned out. Next is some light sanding to get the rest of the excess acraglass off, stain and oil. And then back out to the range!

After some stain and use it may blend in.

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