Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stock repair pins for <$2

While getting stuff together to repair a Mosin Nagant Finnish M39 rifle that has a crack originating in the wood right behind the magazine housing and extending out of one side of the wrist I decided cross pins may be benificial. Brownells as industrious as they are wanted a little much ($24) for a handful of brass 3/32 threaded cross pins and a drill bit. My local ACE hardware had 3/32 brass rod for under $2  and I only used about 1/4 of the stick for my repair pins.

Threaded rod pulls stock pieces together and holds repair epoxy to help ensure a good repair.

I planned on using acraglas to repair the stock, threaded cross pins paired with acraglas should make a pretty bomb proof stock afterwards. To thread the 3/32 rod I just chucked a section of the rod in a cordless drill and ran it in a 4-40 die at a manageable speed.  Saved $22 woot! Stock repair pictures to come soon.

Rod being threaded

Little pressure is required to get the thread started.

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