Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Skinny reload options for the revolver, two revolver reload options for concealed carry.

This past year I have been looking at different options for carrying extra ammo either loose or on speed strips for the 38/357 combo. I thought  I would cover two options I dug out of "misc leather" boxes at gun shows this past year. One is a component for a shoulder holster rig, using either loose rounds or speed strips (.38 spl only with the speed strips too long otherwise).  The other is a old school ammo pouch for a service revolver rig. The black pouch as far as I can tell was intended to hold 6 -.357 or .38 spl rounds loose and then when required the bottom was opened in much the same fashion as the shoulder holster pouch and you caught the loose rounds and fed them as needed. Dexterity under stress being required, I'm not really sure how I like these two options but it does give one options that are much much thinner than speed loader pouches. The speed loader pouches are not bad however I'm looking for more concealed options don't stick out so much from the body.

Belt option and shoulder holster option pictured above. 

I will be repairing the black pouch in short order as some of the stitching has degraded to the point of failure. The nice thing is the black pouch could also easily hold 2-5 round rimfire magazines if one was carrying a mag fed bolt action. Could also hold loose rounds for the lever actions as well as anything else you may want to have you in the city or the woods. The only issue is the bottom opening feature needs to have a very positive snap so you are not losing your goods.

Simple design and won't take long to fix.

Black snaps would attract less attention but with all the cell phone cases out there it wouldn't take much to make this blend in even without an over garment. 

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