Friday, November 11, 2016

Time for a mihec .308 hunting bullet mold?

A few months back I was offered a 2 cavity .308 rifle mold made by Mp molds (aka mihec) out of Slovenia  and I turned it down after a lot of thought. My reasons were simple, "I don't need a hollow point .308 rifle mold...I mean...why?".  The thought kept creeping into my head from time to time about getting a .30 cal rifle mold with hollow point options to try but I have been happy with the lee ~150gr FN mold so far I couldn't really justify another ~150gr .30 cal mold. At least until I found myself looking for another Lee 150gr mold to modify for casting hollow points....its at that point I knew I was curious enough about just how versatile a .30 cal hollow pointed rifle mold might be.  The ability to cast both a solid and a HP bullet in the same basic bullet design is highly appealing and even more so with such a versatile caliber platform that is the .30 caliber rifle realm. I've yet to modify the lee mold I acquired but that should happen around the holidays as time permits. I did break down and put my name on the wait list for mihec's rerun of his ".308 hunting bullet", wide meplats and big lube grooves appeal to me as they seem to shoot well and feed well through a wide array of firearms. Looking forward to try this out in the bolt action, semi autos and lever action that are currently sitting idle as I'm currently wait-listed to get a membership to a range in my new location.

As I've covered in previous posts, "mihec" makes (imho) possibly the worlds finest bullet molds. With lots of options, quality materials and superb craftsmanship his molds are quickly surpassing the RCBS and lyman molds in a lot of areas serious bullet casters care about. I own several of his "semi custom" molds and as much as I would like to have free product or be paid for my word I was not paid to say any of this. His molds are simply good enough for free props.  I look forward to try what will be the 2nd rifle mold of his I'll have purchased in the last 2 years. I've been a customer of his for almost 10 years now and am averaging about a mold a year from him....something to be said about quality, though it does come at a is well worth it in the end for the amount of utility one gets from one of his molds.

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